Have you finally decided to take your four-legged companion to the trip you’ve been planning? Traveling with a pet requires preparation in advance, that is why we have prepared five tips to ensure a great and most importantly dog-friendly journey!

1. Plan your trip in advance

This includes: searching for accommodation that accepts pets. In addition, look up places you’re planning to visit and check if pets are allowed in the territory, as some parks, shops and museums do not allow to walk your dog on a leash or even don’t allow pets at all! Therefore, visiting exciting locations and sites will not be stressful, because you will be sure that your pet will be able to experience new places as well.

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2. Check all the necessary documents and traveling regulations.

If you will be traveling in EU, carefully check all the rules. According to an official website of European Union, a pet can travel with it’s owners to or through EU if it has been micro-chipped, vaccinated against rabies, had treatment against tapeworm (this information can be documented in EU animal health certificate) and owns a valid European pet passport.

If you will be traveling in USA, your pet must have rabies vaccination proof, microchip, United States Pet Passport and your pet has to be at least 6 months old and be healthy.

Some rules vary by states (USA) or countries and regions, that is why it is essential to research beforehand.

3. Prepare for the trip by a specific vehicle.

If you will be traveling by airplane, train, bus or a boat, there might be different rules or restrictions about carrying a pet. For instance, some airline companies require to own a travel box (with exact measurements) and some let smaller breeds be carried in the airplane cabin. Make sure to read all the information provided by the transportation management carefully.

But if your trip will be by a car, take care of your pet and make it warm and comfortable with a safe place to lay down.

4. Gather all necessary items.

Pet owners should make sure that their little companion is feeling comfortable during the journey.  Here’s a brief list of necessary items for your four-legged friends:

  • Water, food and bowls;
  • Collar and a leash;
  • Toys;
  • Medicine, pet pads;
  • Blanket;
  • Travel purse or travel box;
  • Cleaning and safety tools in case of an accident.

5. Spend time with your pet before the trip.

Give your pet a chance to exercise, play and waste some energy. Take a long walk or go on a run with your dog, play fetch or any other games you like! This will make them tired and most likely, sleepy during the journey. And with a resting pet the trip will be less stressful!

Taking your four-legged friend on a journey together might seem stressful at first, but it is definitely worth all the time! Exploring new places together or just changing environment for a while will be a great chance to spend more time with your pet.

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Have you finally decided to take your four-legged companion to the trip you’ve been planning? Traveling with a pet requires preparation in advance, that is